Revitalising Lithgow Town Centre



The development of the Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan is a major initiative of Council to ensure the ongoing vitality of the Lithgow CBD into the future.

Council has recognised that the development of the Plan must be based on a process of sound investigation and analysis, followed by identification of opportunity, and the subsequent development of an integrated set of actions to enhance community, economic and environmental outcomes.

At its meeting of 17 June 2013 Council resolved:

THAT Council:

  • Endorse the outlined process to develop the Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan
  • Appoint a Lithgow CBD revitalisation Action Plan Committee, consisting of the Mayor, Chairs of the Economic Development Advisory Committee, Tourism Advisory Committee, Traffic Advisory Local Committee, Operations Committee, Lithgow Business Association and Councils General Manager.
  • Officers prepare a terms of reference for the Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan Committee

The process to develop the Action Plan referred to in the above Council resolution consists of the following steps:

  • Formation of the Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan Committee
  • Formation of the Project Team
  • Investigation and Analysis including Community Engagement
  • Identification of Revitalisation Principles
  • Preparation of the Draft Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan
  • Finalised Lithgow CBD revitalisation Action Plan with prioritised deliverables for implementation
  • Funded implementation of prioritised Actions with a “quick win” component

While a significant part of the potential revitalisation outcomes will relate to improvements in physical infrastructure such as public domain spaces, car parking and access, Council has recognised that a complimentary annual program of “quick win” initiatives to support businesses in the town centre is also essential. Components of this program will include:

  • CBD brand development and collective marketing
  • Annual program of retail promotions and entertainment
  • CBD components of Halloween and Lithglo shop local events
  • Business training and development

Click here to find out more about the Supporting Businesses Program



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